I’ve had the opportunity to go to Poland on two different occasions. The most recent was last spring in a ministry trip I took with my husband. While there, we went to a Holocaust museum and were both profoundly affected.

On my first trip to Poland I went with five other moms at Hearts at Home. My friend Becky and I spoke at several events in Warsaw. While there I mentioned to Becky about a movie I had seen year’s ago called “The Pianist.” It was a movie about the Holocaust experience specifically in Warsaw. Becky and her husband rented the movie last weekend. After watching the movie, she wrote this to me:

Dave and I watched “The Pianist” last night. What a gripping, powerful story. I remember you had said it was good. I wish I’d seen it before our time in Warsaw, but having been there added meaning as I watched it. They had such a sad, violent history… I may read the autobiography it was based on.

The extra’s on the DVD were great. You may have known, the director was a survivor himself with very vivid memories of the horror some of which he incorporated into the movie. I was again struck by the passion, dedication, sacrifices, energy, enthusiasm… the director, actors, crew… had for the movie, for their work… They love what they do and poured so much of themselves into it, giving up lots to make every detail just right… for 1 movie. For some reason that bothers me, convicts me, moves me greatly.

The main character starved himself and lost 30 lbs for the movie (he was already skinny), gave up his apartment, possessions and contact with friends during the making of the movie to make it realistic. He learned to play the piano for it, he spent days in solitude and isolation to relate to his character… Amazing sacrifices.

Do I pour myself so completely, passionately, sacrificially into loving, serving, living for my Lord??!! I want to. Pray that I move to a new level in my passion for our Lord.”

I asked Becky if I could share her words with you because she asks a powerful question…one we should all be asking ourself.

If you’ve never seen “The Pianist” it’s a powerful, yet sobering movie. But definitely one that makes you think. But even without seeing the movie…it’s a good question to ponder for today.

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