You know, I try to accomplish as much as I can in a day. In some ways, it’s how I measure success.  I bet you do too much of the time!

My friend Jody said a post from another Mom on Facebook made her reevaluate this way of thinking, though. The post said: “I’m totally unproductive when I have a sleeping baby lying on me. I can just lie here and listen to her breathe….”

As Jody imagined this Mom being unable to get things done, she read another Mom’s comment: “Looks like it’s time to redefine the word ‘productive.’ I’m pretty sure sharing a heartbeat with your newborn is a good use of time.”

Bonding with a baby by just being present, is being productive. Being really present for much older kids, and my husband and friends is too. It’s like sharing a heartbeat all over again.

How do you need to redefine “productivity” today?

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