A little while ago Mark and I noticed that we had a terrible gnat problem in our kitchen pantry.  It was really getting bad and I had checked everything I knew to check.  We finally decided that we needed to take everything out of the pantry, wipe down the shelves, and mop the floor to get rid of whatever must have been attracting the gnats.

About the fourth shelf down we found the culprit.  Someone (we still do not know who) had opened up a “Healthy Choice” single serving soup container.  They ate half of it, put the lid back on it, and put it back in the pantry! Of course, I wasn’t able to find it because I thought the soup container was unopened.  Let me tell you the gnats found it!  Nasty is all I’ll say!

Anyway, once everything was out of the pantry, Mark decided to add a couple more shelves….bless his heart.  Here’s a visual of the project…(don’t you just love my ugly wallpaper on the inside of the pantry?  I wallpapered our kitchen years ago but left the pantry as is….I’m the only one who sees it…except when I show the world on my blog!)

Sometimes you just gotta make a mess to clean things up!

Do you have a “what’s that smell?” or “where are these gnats coming from?” story to share? 

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