It’s spring break for us. My boys have been content to just be home, play basketball, do some building projects, bake cookies…pretty easy stuff. I even offered for them to have friends over today (we live out in the country so you can’t just go outside and find someone to hang with) and they said that they didn’t think they wanted to do that. So my question to them was…”who are you and what did you do with my sons?” 🙂

Erica has continued to have a hard week physically, but today it seemed like finally the medicine made a big difference. The jerks have been far less frequent and much less intense. What a relief that has been for her physically. I’m hoping they’ll schedule the MRI for early next week now that she’ll likely be able to lay still for the test.

This week my mom came for a visit. Several weeks ago Erica and I purchased the material and a pattern for a prom dress that she’ll wear to the prom and also show for 4-H this summer. I know how to sew, but my mom LOVES to sew. We decided this was a good week to make the dress. With Erica’s medical challenges over these past two weeks, she needed a project to work on to keep her occupied while she’s not able to work or go to school. The artist in Erica couldn’t just do the pattern as designed—she wanted to modify the pattern so it didn’t zip up in the back, but rather it will lace up the back. They’ve worked hard this week and it will be fun to see the finished project!

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