Happy Birthday, Mark!

Today is my hubby’s birthday and in honor of his special day I thought I’d share our new low-calorie birthday cake recipe. A friend shared the recipe with me–I believe she said it was a Weight Watcher recipe. No matter where it came from…it is good! And since we’re watching our waistlines here, we love a good recipe for a lower calorie cake!

Low Calorie Cake Recipe

1 box of your favorite cake mix
1 can diet soda (diet Sprite or 7-up for white or yellow cake, Diet Coke or Pepsi for chocolate cake mix)

Blend cake mix and diet soda with electric mixer for three minutes. (Do not add eggs or oil that cake mix might call for.)

After cake cools ice with this lo-cal icing recipe:

1 box sugar-free pudding (make according to instructions on box)
1 8 oz sugar-free cool whip

Blend pudding and cool whip together and spread over cooled cake.


At the Savage household, we celebrate birthdays with cake and ice cream for breakfast. So guess what we had for breakfast this morning?

Don’t forget to share your favorite recipe with all of us! The contest runs through Sunday night and I’ll announce the winners on Monday!

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