A list of favorite Savage summer recipes would not be complete without our favorite iced tea recipes. We love to sit out on the porch and sip tea in the summertime.

I’m a brewed ice tea kind of gal. When I brew my tea I use one family size decaffeinated tea bag and one Bigelow Plantation Mint small tea bag. This gives just a little touch of mint to the tea.

With the tea as a base, our favorite summer drink is an “Arnold Palmer”. An Arnold Palmer is simply iced tea and lemonade mixed. If you order it at a restaurant you’ll get half tea and half lemonade. At our house we make a glass with 3/4 tea and 1/4 lemonade. Mark likes his unsweetened, but I prefer the addition of a packet of sweet and low.

It’s a great refreshing drink! Try it!

There’s only one more day for the Summer Recipe swap and contest! We want to hear about your favorite summer recipe!

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