One of the things I’ve learned as a mom is the importance of taking care of me so I can take care of my family. Too many times, in the early years, I crashed and burned emotionally and physically because I gave and gave and gave and never took the time to fill up.

I guess I was expecting someone to come along and encourage me to do that. But alas, no one came to my rescue. Sure, I had a wonderful husband who was willing to help me take some time for me, but he couldn’t read my mind. He didn’t instinctively know my needs. I had to learn to ask for help, ask for time, ask for anything that would help me take care of me. And I had to learn that doing so was not in any way selfish. It was essential to keeping me able to meet the needs of my family.

That’s why I bought flowers yesterday…for me! I mean who can pass up a half dozen of roses for $2.99 at Aldi? Aren’t they beautiful? I have literally “stopped and smelled the roses” more than a dozen times today already. They are beautiful to look at and beautiful to smell. They remind me of God and all that He has created. And they nurture my love for nature which is one way I can take care of me.

Don’t hesitate to do something for yourself today. Because in doing so, you are really taking care of your family, too!

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