I was over at Karen Ehman’s blog and she was interviewing a mom with a tea business. When I posted about my love for tea, I decided it would be a fun thing to share on my blog. I’m not a coffee drinker at all, but I do love tea! It’s one way I pamper myself everyday.

My personal hot tea favorite is a Tazo “Passion” tea with a little bit of honey! Mmmmmm. It doesn’t get better than that.

I also love ice tea—I brew my ice tea with a family size decaf tea bag and a small bag of Bigelow’s Plantation Mint. Everyone loves the touch of mint!

And when I’m really wanting to splurge I do a homemade Chai Latte. They are much better than what I’ve found at any of the coffee shops (and much less expensive) I purchase Oregon Chai–Black Tea, Honey, Vanilla and spices (available at Walmart) then fill a glass with half Chai and half milk. It’s a great treat and everyone I serve it to just loves it!

Are you a tea drinker? What’s your favorite?

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