Thank you so many of you who have commented or Facebooked me about Erica. Today the medicine is kicking in. The jerks are farther apart, but unfortunately, more severe. We stopped by her work today and she is having to take FMLA (Family Medical Leave of Absence) so she won’t lose her job. They were extremely understanding, though. In fact, the boss we met with said his mother has epilepsy and his wife works in an occupation that studies the brain. He was the perfect person to talk to!

This whole week God has sent us postcards reminding us that He’s in control. Our doctor is our neighbor and a good friend. She’s been checking in morning and night. When we went to the neurologist we ended up knowing one of the nurses—we had no idea she worked there. When we went for the EEG, one of the two techs that perform the EEG’s goes to our church and the other tech–her daughter had just attended Hearts at Home for the first time.

God’s in control. Thank you for praying!

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