Last week upon returning from our cruise, I found myself in Chicago with my two youngest boys and a connecting flight that wouldn’t leave until the next morning. When I called my friend Amy to see if she would pick us up at the bus stop if we decided to take a bus home instead of staying overnight, we ended up having a conversation about her just making the two hour drive up to Chicago to get us. I hated to ask her to do that–it would be an inconvenience to her to take four hours of her time to come get us.

Amy’s response was, “Jill, that’s what friends are for.”

Such a simple little statement, but it’s been ringing in my ears for the past week.

That IS what friends are for. We give of our time for one another. We go out of our way for each other. I would have certainly made the trip for Amy if she would have asked.

My guess is that most of us have more trouble receiving than giving. But a true friendship is built upon both. It’s something worth thinking about. So how are you at asking for help or accepting help from a friend?

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