• Today is a great day to make Gingerbread Houses (with graham crackers).   This can become a tradition for your family.  One mom said, “As the kids have gotten older, they invite their friends over and the houses have become more advanced…..they now have gingerbread houses with satellite dishes, remote controls, tv’s and more!”
      • Bake/Make Christmas Cookies—  Need an easy one?  Spread peanut butter between two crackers (like Ritz or Club crackers).  Dip in chocolate and place on waxed paper on a tray or cookie sheet.  Once the chocolate hardens, enjoy the yummy treat!
      • Read the Christmas story aloud together.  You can find it in Luke 2:1-20. You can even act out the story if you’d like.

Thinking ahead to next week:

1) Get a date on the calendar to play with (or “hang with” if you have teens) friends your kids don’t normally see during the school year.

2) Do you have older kids?  Challenge them to do one random act of kindness every day of break starting on Monday.  You can find a list of ideas here.

Oh and if any of your presents on Christmas Day come with good size boxes…save the boxes for some of the ideas I’ll share next week!

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