If there’s no snow on the ground where you live and if you have stairs in your house, make paper box sleds and allow your kids to slide down the stairs!  They’ll think you’re the coolest mom in the world!

Ask your kids: Where would you like to go ANYWHERE in the world and why?  Then challenge them to get on the internet and plan the trip.

SURPRISE RIDE: Tonight when your kids get their jammies on to get ready for bed, yell “Surprise Ride” and tell them to go get in the car with their jammies!  Have hot chocolate already made in travel mugs and then drive around and see Christmas lights.

(If you want to really have some fun with this, there is a printable you can download called “Minivan Express” or “The Christmas Express.”  These are tickets you print and leave on the kids pillows to find after getting ready for bed.  Punch the kids tickets as they get in the van, and then go see lights.  Info about this and the printable are available here. )

Thinking ahead:

Have some “thank you” notes on hand for later on in the break when you can do a “Thank You Note” party.


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