• Have your kids help you go through digital photos (or printed ones) of the year. Make a year in review slide show that you post online for friends and family to see.
  • Go camping…erect a massive fort in your living or family room, big enough so you can fit in there with your kids. Gather some flashlights, microwave some s’mores and enjoy the great indoors 🙂  You can even have the whole family “camp out” and sleep under the Christmas lights tonight.
  • Make a trip to the library so they have some new reading material for the next couple of weeks.
  •  If you have teens, have them plan a meal this week and completely make it by themselves.  This is also a good time to teach them to do laundry…start to finish!

Thinking ahead to another day this week:

Explore a museum you haven’t been to in a nearby town.

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