Thirteen years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Austin just two weeks before Mark’s vasectomy surgery, we had to laugh.

By that time, I had been leading a large moms in our community for six years. And Hearts at Home was just two years old. God wasn’t going to let me get out of this mothering thing!

Then six years later when we adopted our son, Kolya, at the age of nine from an orphanage in Russia, we again had to laugh. Our oldest was 18 at the time. But I wasn’t looking at an empty nest anytime soon, God was continuing to keep me knee-deep in motherhood. And my ministry to moms continued to deepen and grow.

And now the circle of life continues. I’m going to be a grandma! My oldest daughter, Anne, is pregnant and due at the end of April. And even though I still have two sons at home, I get to start the circle of life all over again through my daughter’s eyes and experience as a new mom.

God just won’t let me out of this mothering thing…but I’m so thrilled for all that He has in store!

Congratulations Matt and Anne!

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