The past few years I’ve done a makeover in my girlfriend relationships. I went through a dark time where I didn’t pursue friendships because of wounds from the past. “I’ve been hurt too many times,” I reasoned.

Being a pastor’s wife doesn’t help the situation either. People come to the church, you love on them, care for them, and then they get ticked off, or just decide to go somewhere else maybe even for good reasons, but they just disappear without even so much as a word. And each time that happens, if I’m not careful, I close off my heart to relationships just a little bit more because I don’t want to get hurt again.

But the truth is, I need friendships. I need others in my life that I can love on and who can love on me. You need friendships, too. You need relationships where you love other and are loved, serve others and are served, know others and are known, and celebrate others and are celebrated.

Jesus modeled this for us. He could have lived alone, but He didn’t. He chose to live life with the disciples…they were his group of friends.

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing about some of my friendships and the unique role they play in my life. Because no friendship is the same, we all need unique relationships that affect our lives in different ways. I’ll also be sharing about some important lessons I’ve learned about friendship.

This discussion will be our February giveaway. If you participate in the friendship discussion, your name will be thrown into a basket for a giveaway I’ll be doing Saturday, Feb 20. The prize will be a Hearts at Home book of your choice.

Here’s what I’d love to hear about during this discussion:

1) A special friendship and how you make that friendship work.

2) Struggles you have had with friendships and how you are working to move beyond the experiences.

3) Moms group friendships and the difference a moms group has made in your life.

4) Honest struggles with girlfriend relationships (no names—just the general challenges you’ve experienced).

5) Friendship lessons you’ve learned along the way.

I look forward to our discussion. Everytime we do this, we learn so much from each other! And please invite your friends in on the discussion. The more we have participate, the more we can learn and encourage one another!

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