After our eventful Sunday, Erica and I made it to Joplin on Monday.  I don’t even know that I have words to describe what we saw and experienced.  So I’m going to let pictures do the job.

And I’m going to ask you to help.  I have about 1500 bloggy friends and over 3000 Facebook friends.  Do you know if 100 of us gave just $10 each, we’d give $1000 altogether.  Or if 200 of us gave just $10 each, it would be $2000.  What a difference it can make when we link arms in some way.

We worked through Grace Baptist Church in Joplin.  Let me tell you that this church has relief efforts very well organized.  It was impressive.  Erica and I worked on clearing debris out of two yards yesterday.  One was for an older lady living alone and the other was a family living in a shelter.

I had the chance to talk with Pastor Fred Vogel at the end of the day and when I asked him what they needed more than anything, he said cash and people.  Cash helps them purchase used vehicles for people whose cars no longer exist.  Cash buys construction materials for families who were uninsured or underinsured.  People make the repairs.  People clean up yards.  People help salvage the few remaining items a homeowner might have.

The devastation is overwhelming, but the churches are chipping away at it to the best of their availability.  If you’re interested in being a volunteer, you can find info HERE.  If you’re willing to link arms with a financial donation, you can do that safely online HERE.

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