Last week, Mark and I had a wonderful week at the Blessing Ranch in Livermore, CO. It was great getting away from the everyday. But truly, there is no place like home.

As usual, while preparing for our trip, I struggled leaving my kids.

I always do.

This was the first time we’ve ever been gone that we didn’t bring in a friend or family member to take care of our boys…that’s because their older siblings are now able to handle the responsibilities. So newly married Erica whose hubby is away at Army basic training covered most of the week. Somewhat newly married Evan and his wife Julie covered a couple of evenings that Erica had night classes.

Here are a couple of phone conversations this week:

8pm Wednesday: Conversation with Evan
Me: How’s it going? Did you get the boys to the 20 places they needed to be?
Evan: Yes, it’s all good. But mom, I didn’t even get to exercise today…I haven’t had a minute to myself!
Me: Can you say birth control? 🙂

9:15pm Thursday: Conversation with Austin–he called me (age 13)
Me: Hey Austin, what’s up?
Austin: Erica sucks at tucking me in, Mom.
Me (smiling): She does? What does she do?
Austin: She barely touches me, she doesn’t pull the covers up, and she doesn’t tell me a story.
Me: Well I can’t rub your back or pull the covers up tonight…
Austin: No, but you can tell me a story!
Me: (silently) He still needs me!

In addition to the multiple conversations we had with the kids, there were also precious conversations they had with each other…like the night Austin had basketball practice on the other side of town. Erica decided that she and Kolya would go to a coffee shop while they waited for Austin. They ended up having a great conversation about some things Kolya’s been thinking about concerning his adoption. It was a definite God-conversation!

So all of that is to say that it’s ok for you to occasionally take some time to get away with your spouse. And even though it’s hard to walk out the door, there are some unique dynamics that can even happen in your absence. Not only was this a bonding time for Mark and I, but it proved to be for our kids, as well!

Do you have a getaway on the calendar for you and your spouse? Share your ideas so we can all benefit!

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