After a two month hiatus, we’re picking back up with our Third Thursday Blog Hop! Today’s topic is “a true mom guilt” story.

We need to share our real stories so other moms know they’re not alone!

When I think of a mom guilt story, I think of one evening at our church’s playground.  I had three children at this time in my life.  I dropped off Anne and Evan at their children’s choir practice and Erica and I headed out to our car.  We had to walk right by the church playground so 3-year-old Erica wanted to play for a few minutes.

Another mom stopped by the playground to let her kids play so she and I struck up a conversation.  While I was distracted talking to this mom, I didn’t notice that Erica was sticking pea gravel up her nose.  (It fits perfectly in the nose, you know!)

By the time I realized what she was doing, it was too late.  A trip to the ER was required for them to remove the small rocks from way up in her nose.  Talk about mom guilt!

Ok, so there’s one of my mom guilt stories…what’s one of yours?

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