So today is our Hearts at Home Blog Hop and today’s topic is No More Perfect Bodies.  I think however, my post should be No More Perfect Brains.  I completely forgot to post the Blog Hop post this morning! Oh my! I have post-conference brain where my head is so mushy I can actually look at my kids and not know their names.

So we’ve already established that I have an imperfect brain. I guess that’s a good place to start embracing my imperfect body!  Sometimes I have ADHD mommy brain where I head to a room in the house to get something but then I get distracted and start doing something else. Can anyone relate?

I shared at the conference this past weekend that I have surgical scars that run horizontally across my belly and stretch marks that run vertically…it’s a tic-tac-toe board built right into my body!

My body and your body don’t look like the bodies we see in magazines or on billboards because those bodies have been photoshopped.  If you’re comparing your body to a celebrity’s body or a models body, you’re comparing your real body to their photoshopped body.  It’s an unfair comparison.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the first minute of this video from the No More Perfect Moms video curriculum!

Got an imperfect body? So does every other mom! Embrace the real body you have. Move it, hydrate it, feed it, and rest it. Most importantly, thank God for it each morning when you’re able to rise and serve your family.

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