Mary Byers, in her Hearts at Home book, The Mother Load, asks the question, “If you’re taking care of your kids, who is taking care of you?”

It’s a great question that demands some practical answers.  You and I have to recognize that taking care of ourselves IS taking care of our family.

Taking care of myself is a blend of alone time, hot baths, and reading for pleasure. When my kids were small, I’d have to leave the house to get a break.  I no longer have to do that, but I do find myself intentionally going to bed earlier so I can read. And yes, sometimes that means that I leave dishes in the sink or chores undone just so I can intentionally refuel.

Funny…when I do that…the dishes don’t look nearly so overwhelming in the morning!

Find out how other moms make this happen by “hopping” around to some of the other posts on this topic in today’s blog hop. You’ll find the links to click on below!

So how do you do it?  What practical tips for self-care can you share that have worked for you?  If you’re reading this post in your email box, you can jump on the blog hop or share your tip here.

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