Thank you to all of you who have shared your summer strategy ideas! I love hearing what other moms are doing. I thought of another guideline we need to establish this summer: snack limitations.

I’m finding the boys are snacking alot throughout the day and then not hungry at mealtime. Today I had to set a limit on snacks: one snack of fruit mid-morning and one snack from the snack drawer in the afternoon.

If you haven’t shared your ideas, join in the conversation by Friday at 10am. That’s when I’ll draw a winner of a Hearts at Home book of your choice from those who have commented on this post. (If you get my posts via email, please click on the link to post a comment.)

Now on to our Real Moms…Real Jesus Chapter 8 Discussion.

The Perspective in this chapter is titled “I feel like I’m on display.” This deals with the fact that our children are watching us all the time. From page 112: “Whether we like it or not, you and I are a display of character and values to those God has placed in our care.”

When Jesus lived on this earth, he was on display as well. Everyone was watching every move He made.

My kids are watching me all the time…when I handle things well and when I blow it.

  • Do you have a story to share about a time that your children were affected positively or negatively by your actions?

Chapter 8: The Truth About Our Identity

This chapter is an extremely important chapter for us to understand. Everything that we do is affected by our identity. Who we are as a parent, who we are in our marriage, how we handle our relationships are all affected by our identity. It’s easy to base our identity on “sinking sand” like: our job, our children’s behavior, the house we live in, the degree we hold, the kind of car we drive. All of these identity definitions will always come up short. What we have to do is base our identity on our relationship with Jesus Christ. What God says about us is all that matters.

  • What sinking sand things have you tried to build your identity on?
  • When is your spiritual birthday? What was that experience like for you?
  • What is one thing from this chapter that you want to move from your head to your heart?

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