A week ago Mark and I made a quick trip to Aldi. As we were standing in the checkout line, there was a young couple immediately ahead of us. The girl looked over at the fresh flower bouquets right next to the checkout aisle and the conversation proceeded like this:

Girl: Oh, honey, those are really pretty flowers. You could buy me flowers.

Guy: I thought you didn’t like flowers.

Girl: I like those flowers.

Guy: Why are those flowers different?

Jill: What she means is that she doesn’t like flowers that cost $20 or $30. But those flowers are $2.99 so she likes them because they’re pretty and they’re not expensive.

Girl: (with a big smile on her face) That’s right! That’s why I like those flowers.

Mark: It’s important to learn those things in marriage: why some flowers are ok and some flowers aren’t. There’s lots of things like that you need to know.

Guy: (to Mark) Teach me, man. I’ve got so much to learn.

Mark: It’s a lifelong journey, my son…a lifelong journey.

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