How did you get started speaking and writing?

It’s a question I’m asked quite often.

Honestly I kind of came in through the back door. I wasn’t looking to speak or write but with the growth of the Hearts at Home conference, I was given the opportunities to do both. They’ve come with a steep learning curve, though, for sure.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new four-week online course I’ve developed! It’s a Facebook-based speaker coaching group that I’ll be doing LIVE teaching on weekly. It’s a place to get your questions answered and learn about the craft of speaking! My hope is that this class will help folks who want to speak learn in four weeks some of the principles it took me years to learn!

It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not, this class is for someone who wants to be more comfortable speaking in any public setting, someone who’s teaching a weekly Bible study, someone who’s speaking at their moms group, or someone who is looking to become a professional speaker!

If that’s you…you can find more information about the online course HERE!

If that’s not you, do you know someone that might benefit from a class like this? Could you forward it on to them?

I believe our broken world needs to hear our stories. Whether we’re sharing them in big or small settings, the more comfortable we are with speaking publicly, the more opportunities God has to redeem the broken places in our lives for His purposes! That’s when He turns our messes into His messages! 

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