Today, I’d like to introduce you to two young women who are living ordinary teenage lives and doing something extra-ordinary for God. When I heard about their business, I decided it was something worth sharing! So today I’m interviewing Corinne and Molly about their “Scraps-n-ribbons” ministry:

Corinne and Molly, you are not the usual women in business. In fact you haven’t even graduated from high school yet. Tell us a little about you personally.

We are 16 years old sophomores who are homeschooled. We both enjoy sewing and crafts.

How did your “business idea” come to you?

We had joked about selling our crafts to people. We never imagined it would actually happen until people began asking us when we were going to start a business. God led us to make it into a ministry after we’d started making our first items.

What products do you produce?

We produce hair bows, burp cloths, decorated paint cans, and other personalized items.

What makes you unique is that your business is really a ministry. Can you explain how and where your profits are being donated?

100% of our profits are donated to America World’s “An Orphan’s Ticket Home” or other matching grants for local adoptive families. “An Orphan’s Ticket Home” is an organization that helps provide orphans with birth certificates and necessary paperwork for their adoptions as well as opening up new foster homes and adoption programs. Their website is

Why do you have an interest in supporting adoption?

God has developed this great love for the orphans in us. We both have visited an orphanage in Guatemala and have grown up seeing our church families adopt.

If people are interested in purchasing items and/or supporting your cause, where do they go?

They can go to to view our products. They will find an email address on there as well which they can use to contact us and make orders.

Well there you have it. If you are looking for a unique gift or just want to support adoption in some way, check out the girls blogspot site!

And may we all be encouraged that we may be ordinary moms, but if we’ll let Him, God will use us in extraordinary ways!

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