I promised to post a winner on Tuesday, but I never made it to my computer. Our 18 year old had a car accident on Tuesday and my day suddenly looked different than I thought it would. She’s very sore, but ok. The car was totaled. Everyone in our house has had a lesson in the value of insurance. With full coverage, we’ve already had the claim adjuster get us a check for the value of the car.

If that wasn’t enough of a change of plans, they threw in a snow day today. All schools were closed today due to extremely low temperatures and snow. School has already been closed tomorrow too. Today we baked cookies all afternoon and played “Spoons” tonight. I’m not quite sure what will be on the agenda tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out!

It’s been great fun to have our online discussion about preserving memories for our kids. The January winner is Gina who has two blogs: Bunco Blog and Where Friends Gather. Gina, if you will email me at [email protected], I’ll send out the Hearts at Home book of your choice!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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