I’m glad so many of you enjoyed Karen Ehman’s post yesterday on organization! I loved reading everyone’s posts.

I’m definitely a Take Charge Tina with a little bit of Perfectionist Polly thrown in for good measure.  I already made an adjustment in how I approached my family last night because of Karen’s wise words!

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I got the sweetest email yesterday from Heather who heard me speak on Tuesday in Crystal Lake, IL.  During that message I shared about the concept of choosing the important over the urgent.  This is a concept I’ve shared before on the blog. You can find a previous post on it here.

I asked Heather if I could share her “important over the urgent” moment with all of you and she was kind enough to say yes.

May you and I be both encouraged and challenged by her story.

At MOPS yesterday, the speaker, Jill Savage talked about choosing the IMPORTANT over the URGENT.  This has stuck with me.

Last night, it was 6:00 or so, and I was getting both kids into the car to come home from the dentist and dinner.  It was getting to be a late night already for Lillian, and she was squawking.  I was frazzled from minding them both through a dinner at the mall, hustling Nathan into his car seat, snipping at him to not splash in the slush because it would get his shoes and pants all wet and COME ON HURRY UP ALREADY!

But then I remembered Ms. Savage’s words.  And it only took half a second of thought for me to realize that the real reason I was rushing Nathan was because Lily was squawking.  I was putting the urgency of a baby’s fussiness ahead of the importance of four-year-olds getting to splash their feet in the slush.  And honestly, would Lily squawk any less if we took one minute for slush splashing?  And did I actually care AT ALL about Nathan’s pants getting wet at the end of the day?  No, no, no, absolutely no on both counts.

So I buckled Lillian in, got Nate out, apologized to him for my own less-than-stellar attitude, and splashed in the slush together with him until he was done.  We laughed at how sucky it felt on our feet, and tried to see who could make the biggest stomp, and said “wooooooooooo it’s sliiiiiiiperyeeeeeee” while wiggling around.  It only took a minute or two.  Lillian just sucked her thumb the whole time.

It was totally a GOOD thing to do with my kid, and I am so glad that I had heard Ms. Savage earlier in the day, and that her words had stuck with me.

What about you? Have you had an “important over the urgent” moment you can share?

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