Well, we’re in the midst of wedding plans around here. Erica and Kendall’s wedding date of September 25 is fast approaching. It’s honestly been a pretty relaxed process mostly because Erica and Kendall are pretty simple and easygoing.

  • The colors are purple and brown.
  • The reception will be an hors d’oeuvres reception to save on money. We get to go to the tasting today! I’m always up for eating food that someone else prepares!
  • The guys are wearing dress pants, shirts, and ties…no tuxes for this simple, money-conscious couple. Their reasoning: “Why would we want our friends to have to pay $120 for a tux they don’t even get to keep?
  • The girls have the prettiest purple knee length dresses that they have all agreed they would definitely wear again.
  • The wedding cake will have alternating layers of white cake with banana cream filling because that’s what Kendall likes and chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling because that’s what Erica likes. We got to taste the cakes yesterday….mmmmmmmm!

And then there’s the dress.

Erica has decided to wear my wedding dress…which was my mother’s wedding dress.

Every time we go for a fitting I get a little teary just looking at her in the dress and thinking about the three generations who will have worn that dress.

In fact, when I look back on my wedding, that is one of my fondest memories: wearing my mother’s dress and carrying her Bible that was incorporated into my bridal bouquet.

What is one thing about your wedding that you remember fondly?

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