So my brain is running in several directions today…where to start?  I have a couple of good deals for you today and a question that I’d really love for you to answer!

First, if you’ve been thinking about getting our book Living With Less So Your Family Has More, it’s 30% off during the month of December in the Heart Shoppe. That’s the best deal you’ll get and probably the last time it will be 30% off for a long, long time. Enter promo code LOVEMOMS when checking out!
Second, my son’s band, Emerson, has a free preview of three of their songs available online for only 5 days. Their new album will be available on iTunes in early Spring! If you want to hear some fresh, new, pop music you can find the free preview HERE!

You know, this Christmas has been one of simplicity for us. Less gifts, less shopping, less activities, and less stress. I’ve completely loved every minute of it!

On my “not-to-do” list this week is half of our Christmas card list. Yep, I’m cutting it down. I’m also not doing half of the baking I usually do. I’m not having a big sit-down meal on Christmas Day like I usually do. We’re opting for a buffet style meal (reassurance to my kids: don’t worry…there will still be orange jello salad, Beef House rolls, and persimmon pudding!)

The simplicity is refreshing. And the focus is Jesus…pure and simple. It’s His birthday so it ought to be the focus!

What about you? What’s on your “not-to-do” list this week?

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