A friend loaned me a book that I’ve been soaking in for the past month. I’ve never read a book that so accurately described the emotional realities of motherhood as Katrina Kenison’s book, The Gift of An Ordinary Day.

You won’t find this on the Christian bookstore shelves, and I don’t recommend it from a faith perspective at all, but her words from a mothering perspective are right on. In fact, I’ve never read such smooth, accurate, and heart-touching descriptions of the seasons of motherhood.

I found a You Tube video of the author reading an excerpt from her book that I want to share with you. Take a few minutes…I think you’ll be able to relate…especially if your kids are teenagers. For those of you with little ones, Katrina’s words are a reminder of how short the season of small children really is. (If you are receiving this blog post by email, you’ll need to go directly to my blog site to see the video. Click HERE to go there.)

Let me know your thoughts!

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