Over the past few months I’ve read a few interesting books that have a bit of controversy surrounding them. Today I’d like to share with you about one of them. I’ll share about the other on Saturday.

Back in December, I read The Shack. Initially I wondered if I could read it because it deals with the death of a child. I wasn’t sure I could handle that as a mother. I was also aware of the controversy around the book due to the fact that it is not 100% Biblically sound.

I devoured the book and I have to say that I loved it. I will forever have three very Biblical perspectives etched in my mind after reading this book:

1) It painted the picture of the incredible love of God and how He cares for us individually. It shows us what a personal relationship with Christ really looks like.

2) I have a better understanding of the Trinity and how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one, yet unique in their roles. I believe this is actually the strength of the book.

3) It illustrated how God redeems us and redeems our mistakes. Even when we take a wrong road, God can use that road to His glory.

The main weakness of the book is that the author never clearly communicates that salvation happens by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior. This is something that the reader needs to understand theologically before reading.

Many Christians have struggled with the way that the author chose to portray God—as an African-American woman. Honestly this didn’t bother me at all. Let me assure you…I believe that God is our Father. Biblically that is correct. However, I also think that too often we put God in a box. I think that it’s good for us to be challenged to get out of our limiting box. Do I think that God is likely an African-American woman? Not at all. Do I think that sometimes I limit God by my own pre-conceived notions? Absolutely. And that’s why I think it never hurts to challenge my limited thinking.

I think The Shack has the ability to strengthen our relationship with God, if the reader has the ability to recognize what is Truth and what is not.

How about you? If you’ve read the book, what were your thoughts?

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