Today I have turkey on the brain….lots and lots of turkey.  With 35 people coming to my house for Thanksgiving, I’m knee deep in pumpkin pies, turkey, dressing, and other yummy Thanksgiving treats.

We’re doing appetizers for lunch and then having dinner at 4:00.  Our meal will include the usual…but one thing we always have and do not even try to make ourselves are the rolls. We get the yeast rolls from the Beef House in Covington, IN.  Oh my…those rolls are so yummy! My sister is picking them up frozen so we can let them rise and bake them ourselves.  Mmmmm!   We’ll play cards, games, and just enjoy visiting with extended family throughout the day.

One Thanksgiving tradition our family has is eating Persimmon Pudding.  Persimmons grow in Indiana and since we’re Hoosiers at heart, persimmon pudding is an important part of Thanksgiving. Mmmmmmm!  Can’t wait!

What’s your Thanksgiving look like?  Do you have any special food your family enjoys for the Thanksgiving holiday?

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