This week is a hard week for our family. My daughter, Erica, is saying goodbye to her husband of just a little less than a year.  Kendall is deploying to Iraq for a year.  He’s part of the clean up crew that is bringing a close to U.S. troops in Iraq. 

Because of this, Erica is moving back home to be with her family rather than staying alone in Texas where they’ve been stationed at Ft. Hood. 

I’m happy to actually have one of my girls back in the house.  It’s just been me and the boys for quite a while.  But I’m hurting for Erica and Kendall.  Yes, they knew the possibility of this when they married on Sept 25 of last year.  But it’s still hard when the possibility becomes reality. 

At the same time, they’ve both faced this reality with courage and strength.  They are thankful for technology and the ability they’ll have to Skype and email. 

Would you join me today in praying for our military?  Will you thank God that we have courageous men and women who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for our freedom?  Will you ask God to give them wisdom, courage, and protection?  Will you pray for Kendall to have opportunity to share Christ with other soldiers he will be spending a lot of time with?

From the bottom of this mom’s heart…thank you for praying with me.

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