Today I’m in Vancouver, Washington preparing to speak at a fundraiser for Christian Family adoptions on Saturday evening. I’m excited to meet some wonderful people and share my vision and passion about adoption.

Sunday I’ll travel to Colorado Springs, CO to tape a portion of a new parenting DVD series that Focus on the Family is creating for small groups. While there I’ll also do an interview for their weekend radio program on my My Heart’s At Home book. The taping and interviews will happen Monday morning and by 1:30 in the afternoon I’ll be back on a plane in order to be home to tuck my boys in bed that night.

Please pray for safe travel, for wisdom, stamina, and a clear mind. Pray for good rest which I don’t often get when I’m not sleeping in my own bed! Pray for my hubby holding down the fort at home. And pray that God would be glorified in everything I say and do!

Thanks so much! I so appreciate it!

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