My husband and I are as different as night and day! He loves coffee. I can’t stand the stuff. He’s and early riser, I’m a night owl. He loves spicy foods…it’s mild for me. He processes externally—talking and talking and talking about decisions he has to make. I process internally—thinking, thinking, thinking about decisions I need to make. We are so different!

But tonight I was reminded of how our differences are a blessing to us. As I ate my pizza, I devoured each piece right up to the crust…and then I handed the crust over to my husband who finished it off. I hate the crust…he loves it!

Several hours earlier we were munching on trail mix. It was made up of peanuts, M&M’s, raisins, and almonds. Now I love all of those things except almonds. So each time I grabbed a handful I opened up my hand and my dear husband promptly picked out all the almonds and popped them in his mouth. Then I tossed the remaining “perfect” mix into my mouth.

Our differences definitely drive us crazy sometimes, but most of the time we balance each other out perfectly. We are wonderfully…incompatible!

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