Marriage is harder than we think. There are lulls of “easy” in the middle of the “hard,” but there’s much more “hard” than most of us expect.

Why should we expect anything else? Marriage is about blending two completely unique lives into this relationship called marriage. We bring our unique personalities, temperaments, hopes, dreams, and experiences to the relationship. And not only that, but we also bring our own dysfunctions as well. Yes, every one of us has a reason to sit across from Dr. Phil for something. Our perspectives are skewed and our filters don’t allow us to see life as it really is. Instead we sometimes see life as we are. In other words, our experiences, judgments, and emotions sometimes cloud our ability to see things clearly.

So we bring all our unique strengths and our unique weaknesses to the table and we work to build this thing called marriage. It’s not an easy task.

Have you found yourself frustrated with trying to blend two lives together into one? Just for today, may you know that your frustrations are normal, your struggles are normal, and even your disappointments are normal. We’ve all been there.

You are not alone.

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