Summer-BabiesGot a little one?  Life with a baby is usually one of routine. However, you can change it up to benefit both you and your little one!

Need some ideas?

Here are 10 summer activities to do with your baby:

1. Enjoy the grass.  Use the grass as a texture experience by putting her feet in the grass.

2. Enjoy the clouds. Find some shade, spread a blanket out on the grass and let him look up at the trees and clouds.

3. Build blocks.  Build towers of blocks and let her knock them down. If she’s not yet old enough to do it herself, you can help her do it. The action, sound, and experience are valuable stimulation.

4. Scarf time. Take a light fabric scarf and hold it above your baby’s head to look at the colors. Then you can use it to play a game of peek-a-boo. You can also gently pull it across his face or body so he can experience a different texture on his skin.

5. Water fun. Use a small bowl outside to let your baby splash in or put his feet in. Let your little one feel the sensation of water pouring over their hand or feet.  (Remember the sunscreen and to never leave a child around water alone!)

6. Music. Look for free outdoor concerts that you can take your baby to. The music provides auditory stimulation for her.  At home, sing as much as you can. Sing rhyming sons, and sing the same songs with different voices like a growly low voice and then a lighter high voice. Don’t worry about whether you can sing or not…your little doesn’t know the difference!

7. Mirror play. Babies love their reflection.  Take a rattle or a bright colored block to the mirror and let him look at it both in your hand and in the mirror.

8. Walk. Load up the stroller and take a daily walk with your little one. It’s good for you and it’s good for them.

9. Picnic. Invite another mom to join you in a picnic. The change of scenery is good for you and your baby.  Your baby will benefit when you’ve recharged your mom batteries by being with another mom!

10. Browse the farmers market. Introduce your little one to different sights, sounds, and smells that are only found in the summer!

What about you? What frugal, fun summer activities would you add to do with a baby?

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