Jill: It was 2011 and proving to be the darkest year of our then 27 years of marriage.

Mark: The slow fades of unrealistic expectations, avoiding emotion, defensiveness, and minimizing had been eroding the foundation of our marriage for years, but we didn’t know it.  Not only that, I was also disillusioned with life and God and marriage.

Jill: I was oblivious there were any problems. And things got worse—much, much worse.

Mark: I was unfaithful, I left, and uttered the word “divorce” for the first time in my married life.

Jill: If you’ve never read our whole story, you can do that in our No More Perfect Marriages 10 Day Blog Series we eventually shared with the world.

By the world’s standards it was time to call it quits and admit that we’d fallen out of love. We were just too different. And after all, now unfaithfulness was a part of the picture so there were biblical grounds for divorce.

Mark: It took a year, but I eventually began to make my way back home and we started the long road of healing. Over time, trust was rebuilt and feelings of love returned. Mark and Jill 2.0 was born during that healing process (and we LOVE Mark and Jill 2.0!). We learned so much about ourselves, each other, relationship dynamics, slow fades, and the God-Tools that make a good marriage great and turn hurting marriages around.

We felt God tapping us on the shoulder and prompting us to tell our story. We began to feel an urgency to help good marriages learn about the fades. We wanted people to understand how things can look good on the outside while they slowly erode underneath the surface. We longed to help couples increase safety in their communication so they could talk about the real stuff of life—so they could really share their hearts with each other and be heard. We wanted hurting marriages to find the hope and help they desperately needed. Our desire also grew to help couples whose hearts were miles apart stop the fades, close the distance, and find their way back to each other. Our first step in that direction was starting our #MarriageMonday blog posts again right here on the blog.

Jill: Eventually our marriage coaching ministry was born. Three-day private couple to couple weekend intensives began. Then private couple to couple video and in-person coaching increased. However, we knew we needed to create an affordable resource that helped couples move their marriage up the priority list and allowed them to learn the important lessons about slow fades, God-Tools, how our past affects our present, and how what we think about marriage, ourselves, and our spouse makes a huge difference in the longevity of a relationship.

Mark: In 2017, No More Perfect Date Night was born to fulfill that purpose and since that time hundreds of couples and married individuals have moved the needle on their relationship through No More Perfect Date Night!

Every week we send our members something to watch, see, or do to grow their marriage. And if they tap into just one of those a month, they’ve gotten their money’s worth ($24.99/month)–but we actually give them four times that amount plus over $2000 worth of content in the library from the past two and a half years.

We consider our Date Night members family and our commitment is to give them our best energy and resources. That’s why we only open up membership to the general public once a year. It’s only open for a week and half from November 4-14, so the rest of the year we can give our best focus and best energy to our Date Night family.

Jill: This time, however, we’re blowing open the doors with some incredible bonus offers that we’ve never done before. This is because we want you to be successful and we want to bless your socks off!

If you start your free 7-day trial on Monday, November 4 thru Wednesday, November 6, and continue past the seven-day trial, you’ll get ALL of these bonuses:

  • A 30-minute private marriage coaching session with us (usually reserved for members of six months or more) to help you identify next steps to strengthen your marriage and determine a personalized plan for making No More Perfect Date Night work well for you. (This bonus goes away at 11:59 pm PST on Nov 6.)
  • “10 Marriage Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today” video/audio workshop (This bonus goes away at 11:59 pm PST on November 8)
  • “Redefining Romance” video/audio workshop (This bonus goes away Nov 10)
  • “Is There Really Sex After Kids?” video/audio workshop (This bonus goes away Nov 12)
  • The “This is Us Together” digital marriage planner to help you prioritize your relationship (this bonus will be available for anyone who becomes a member by 11:59 pm PST Nov 14)

Every two days one bonus offer goes away, so the early bird get ALL the bonus offers!

When it comes to marriage the best is yet to come.Mark: The marriage coaching session for new members will only be available to those who join today and tomorrow so this is the time to put action to the words “we need to move our marriage up the priority list” or “we need to do something to get the spark back” or “we need some help to get back on track.”

Don’t make the same mistake we made–not paying attention to what was going on beneath the surface of your relationship. Don’t let your marriage go on autopilot.

Strong marriages are the foundation of strong families. We want to invite you join the Date Night family today so we can do this marriage thing together even more intentionally.

Jill: Yesterday, we drove back to our home in Normal, Illinois from Indianapolis, Indiana after speaking at an event and visiting family. We decided to stay off the interstate and took the scenic route home instead. We talked, laughed, stopped at antique shops, listened to podcasts, and marveled at the beautiful fall colors.

You see, 2019 is a very different year than 2011 was for us.

We’ve promised ourselves we will never go back to that dark place, but we can’t just say that–we have to choose to make it happen with intentional daily and weekly and monthly actions that nurture our relationship–and yes, we use the No More Perfect Date Night content and tools ourselves! That’s what we’re committed to helping you do as well. Will you join us and make the next year the year you got intentional about your marriage? 

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