No matter how old our kids are, prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do as a parent.

God desires to hear our hearts for our children. The Bible also tells us that He listens to us. In Jeremiah 29:12, God says, “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” We have a God who loves us, cares for us, and hears us. How powerful is that?

As we approach the start of a new school year, this can be a time of anxiety. Our kids might feel nervous about starting at a new school or in a new grade. We as parents might feel nervous about letting our children go or might feel sad about spending less time with them during the day.

Even if your kids are adults, they may still be dealing with anxiety or struggles.

In my book No More Perfect Kidswe have a resource in the back of the book of character qualities we all need to develop. I’ve adapted a few of those into prayers we can pray over our children. For a longer list of character traits to pray over your children, you can grab a copy of the book!

Here are some prayers you can pray over your child as they enter the school year:

(Hint: Replace “my child” with your child’s name!)

Pray for Boldness

Lord, I pray for boldness for my child. I pray that they will demonstrate the confidence and courage that doing what is right will bring ultimate victory regardless of present opposition.

Pray for Boundaries

Lord, this school year, I pray that my child will be able to set boundaries that protect them and others. I pray that they can set limitations that protect them from potentially unmanageable temptation.

Pray for Joy

Lord, I pray joy over my child. I pray that they can choose to be pleasant, joyful, and kind regardless of outside circumstances, ultimately lifting the spirit of others. I also pray that they can find their joy in your truth.

Pray for Commitment

Lord, I pray that my child will devote themselves to following-up on their words with action. I pray that they will stick with hard things, and will lean on you for strength in times of trial.

Pray for Confidence

‘Lord, I pray that my child will find confidence in themselves, confidence in their skills and abilities, and confidence in who they are in you. 

Pray for Friendships

Lord, I pray for deep, long-lasting friendships for my child that honor you and encourage their hearts. I pray that their friends will draw them closer to you and provide opportunities to show your love to the world.

Pray for Faith

Lord, I pray that my child will develop an unshakable confidence in who you are, and live a life in line with that faith in you.

Pray for Stewardship

Lord, I pray that my child will learn even more how to manage their resources, money, time, and relationships this year. Guide them to be wise in stewarding what you have blessed them with.

Pray for Gratitude

Lord, I pray that you will give my child a grateful heart this school year. Help them to feel gratitude for the opportunity to learn, grow, and be challenged this year.

Pray for Hope

Lord, I pray against feelings of anxiety or depression for my child this school year. Give me wisdom to lead my child and get them the resources that they need. Give them a hope and confidence in their eternal value and the future you have for them.

Pray for Peace

Lord, I pray that my child will carry your peace into every situation this school year. I pray that they will not cause or further division, but instead will show other students a different path in you.

Pray for Orderliness

Lord, I pray that my child will learn to care for their personal possessions to help them achieve greater efficiency and success. Guide them in valuing the stewardship of what they have.

Pray for Respect

Lord, I pray that my child will respect those around them. I pray that they will treat others with dignity and kindness, and will show respect to those in authority over them.

Pray for Safety

Lord, I pray that my child will remain safe this school year. I pray that you will protect them, protect their school, and protect their hearts this year.

Pray for Growth

Lord, I pray that my child will grow and flourish this year. I pray they will draw nearer to you, will grow more and more into who you have created them to be.


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