I love when the kids just play well together, but that doesn’t happen forever. It’s helpful to have some suggested activities in your back pocket.

I’d love to hear your ideas too!  Please leave them as comments!

  1. Uno
  2. Solitaire (with real cards)
  3. Bundle up (if you live somewhere cold) and go outside and play
  4. Have a Tea Party
  5. Bake cookies–if they’re old enough, teach them how to measure and read a recipe
  6. Playdoh –let them use your cookie cutters, if you have them
  7. Make edible playdoh
  8. Monopoly — maybe have a tournament
  9. Puzzle
  10. Write letters to grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles
  11. Build a fort
  12. Read for 30 minutes
  13. Picnic in the family room
  14. Make paper snowflakes
  15. Give them glue sticks, Popsicle sticks, cotton balls, stickers, construction paper, and any other craft items you have on hand and tell them to create something
  16. Make puppets out of lunch size paper bags
  17. Color
  18. Have them draw pictures to send to their grandparents or to share with an older neighbor
  19. Teach them how to address an envelope when they send the picture to their grandparents
  20. Blow up a balloon and have the kids keep it from hitting the ground
  21. Write a story
  22. Make a book
  23. Have your child make up an acronym of their name and then make a picture out of it
  24. Let them play with shaving cream on the table or on a cookie sheet–add some play cars to it to make your own car wash!
  25. Make a torn paper mosaic
  26. String popcorn or cheerios and let them hang it from the trees and feed the birds
  27. Let the kids choose the dinner menu and help you cook
  28. Have them create a puppet show using stuffed animals
  29. Read a chapter book aloud to them.
  30. Hide some things in the house and send them on a treasure hunt!

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