HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic (3)I have done it as long as I can remember.

Honestly, I did it even before I was a mom.

I compared myself to others.  I either came out better than or less than.  I used that as my measuring stick for way too long.

It didn’t serve me well at all.  It made me insecure and judgmental and that’s not good for my friendships or my family.

HAH2126 Knock it Off FINALIf I had to go back and give my younger self wisdom, I would say, “KNOCK IT OFF!

Stop comparing. Stop judging. Stop measuring. Stop trying to come out on top.

Start accepting. Start being authentic. Start letting God define you instead of the world.

The No More Perfect Moms book is a call to love our real life.  When we’re able to love ourselves and our real life, it sets a foundation for loving others.

I’ve signed the Knock It Off commitment. Will you? 

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