91786558As I’ve shared over the past few weeks about our mental health journey with our adopted son, the emails and Facebook messages have been pouring in.  Obviously Mark and I are not alone in what we’re walking through.

Moms need to be with other moms who understand what their life is like.  This is why moms groups are important.  This is why military mom support groups are important. This is why moms who have children with special needs need to be in touch with one another.

I did a brief look for online support for parents of children with RAD, and while I found some good websites, I did not find any easily accessible support groups.  So I decided to create my own through Facebook.

If you’re parenting a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, this is for you! If you’re not parenting a child with RAD, you may very well know of a mom (or a dad) who is and needs support!

This will be a place to find encouragement, share stories, pool knowledge, and share resources with one another.  The group is a private group so no one can read the posts unless they are a member of the group.  It’s a confidential place to seek and share information.

If you are parenting a child with RAD or know someone who is, the group can be joined HERE!

What about you?  What support groups have you found to be helpful in your life?  Post your answer as a comment here!

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