Self-care has become an increasingly popular topic! One of my free ebooks is all about ten self-care strategies to help reduce stress and it just so happens to be the most downloaded.

While most of us can agree that we need to take better care of our mental and physical health, too often we overlook the care of our souls. The truth is that without soul care there is no self-care.

That’s why I invited Amber Albee Swenson to join me for a conversation all about taking better care of our souls. Amber is a wife, mother, speaker, and author of seven books including Soul Care: Nurturing Your Spiritual Wellness.

In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • Why soul care makes a difference in our daily lives
  • Practical ways we can care for our souls
  • Helpful tips to receive nourishment from God
  • And so much more!

Thank you for joining in as we discuss how you can better care for your soul!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Focus on where you find security. In 2020 and throughout the pandemic, many of us had our sense of security shaken. We didn’t know when life was going to return to normal, if we would be able to keep our jobs, or even how we were going to survive. One of the reasons why this may have had a greater impact on our well-being is because our security was based on external things rather than eternal things. If your security is based primarily on your job, then the moment it is gone your soul can feel like it is in shambles. When our security is based on Christ, no matter what comes our way, we have a firm foundation that is not easily shaken.

2) How can you regularly care for your soul? Do you have a daily routine that includes time to come to God with what is on your heart? We can do this by spending time with God’s Word, praying about our worries and concerns, reading through devotions, or even partnering with a friend to read through the same passage of the Bible together. Depending on the season of life you are in, you may be able to devote more or less time to these practices, but it’s important to be caring for your soul daily. Even if it is only for five minutes!

3) Find little things that nourish your soul. Just like self-care, soul care doesn’t have to be a huge event (especially for those of us with busy schedules or little ones). It can be as simple as prioritizing the things that nourish our souls and breathe life back into us. That may be listening to an encouraging podcast, listening to uplifting music, spending time in nature, or having an encouraging time with a friend that encourages your soul.

About Amber:


Amber Albee Swenson is a speaker, podcaster, Bible study teacher, and author of seven books. She is a wife and mother to four children, two of whom are still at home. Amber lives in Minnesota and likes to remind others that life is messy, but God is faithful.





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