Mark: Jill and I have been working hard on our No More Perfect Marriages book  Our deadline to turn in the book is July 15. It’s release date is Feb 1, 2017!  We’re getting excited!

Jill: Instead of our usual Marriage Monday today, we want you to hop over and read an article I recently wrote for Focus on the Family about the effect of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health in a marriage. It’s an important topic that I know you’ll find helpful!

Mark: In the meantime, we’re also looking for 10 couples who would like to be pre-readers for our No More Perfect Marriages book.  Curious about what that would entail?

Here are the requirements:

  1. Both husband and wife are willing to read the manuscript on their own computers between June 7 and June 30. (You would read individually, not together.)
  2. Both are willing to be involved in a private Facebook group to discuss the book.
  3. As you read, both are willing to share what content in the book has been helpful for their marriage and offer any suggestions they might have for strengthening the content.

We’re also looking for 3 men and 3 women whose spouses would not be interested in reading the book to also serve as pre-readers. The same requirements as above apply.

Jill: Does this interest you?

If so, please have each of you (both husband and wife) write one short paragraph about your commitment to read and offer feedback, why this interests you, and how long you’ve been married. Send the two paragraphs in one email to jillsavagespeaking (at) heartsathome (dot) org.

If you’re a husband or a wife who would like to pre-read, but your spouse isn’t interested, please send a short message about your commitment to read, offer feedback, why this interests you, and how long you’ve been married to jillsavagespeaking (at) heartsathome (dot) org.

We’re excited about this new book and we know that we’re better when we do this together!

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