In the past ten years I’ve walked through a breast cancer diagnosis and 8 months of treatment, my husband’s infidelity, and our adopted son’s mental health issues which included several suicide attempts. There were many days I just wanted to pull the covers up over my head in an attempt to make the world go away.

But God.

He held me in my pain. His Word gave me direction when I didn’t know what to do. His Spirit showed me the next right step I needed to take. I’d been nurturing my relationship with God for many years before crisis hit. When life got hard, I leaned into God and trusted Him because my relationship with Him was established.

When you want to be healthier, you tend to make some lifestyle changes. This could be eating healthier or working out more. When we do these healthy habits, we tend to see results. When we’re physically fit we have better immunity and better stamina that serve us well when life gets hard.

The same principle happens in our spiritual life. We need to know God, His truth, and how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in our lives. When we nurture our relationship with God outside of crisis, we can lean into Him when life gets hard. If we’re spiritually fit, we have better perspective and better strength that serves us well when life gets hard.

In this episode of the No More Perfect Podcast, I share practical tips on being intentional with our spiritual fitness so that we experience a supernatural strength and steadiness in our life. Spiritual fitness will help you stay more grounded and navigate the hard seasons better!

Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Real Moms… Real Jesus: Meet the Friend Who Understands by Jill Savage

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