I’ll never forget the groans I heard from my kids on the “screen-free” days we had while they were growing up. In today’s day and age, it’s no secret that most kids have a lot more screen time than they used to. And even as a result of COVID-19, managing screens has become a much bigger challenge.

Though technology certainly has its benefits, it also has its harms. So what are the effects of all this screen time? Is it helping bring families closer together or is it driving us further apart? Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, you’re going to appreciate this conversation.

My guest today is Arlene Pellicane, who recently partnered with Dr. Gary Chapman to write the book Screen Kids and an accompanying book, Grandparenting Screen Kids. Featured on the Today Show, Fox & Friends, the Wall Street Journal, and Focus on the Family, Arlene is a speaker, author, and host of the Happy Home podcast.

In this conversation, Arlene addresses the warnings signs of screen addiction for children (and we might not like it, but adults too!), practical ways we can lead our children to live balanced and intentional lives, why the level of screen time we allow can often be directly correlated with discipleship, and much more. Listen in!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Free Printable: 30 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy Without Screens

[Book] Screen Kids: 5 Relational Skills Every Child Needs in a Tech-Driven World

[Book] Grandparenting Screen Kids: How to Help, What to Say, and Where to Begin

[Book] Parents Rising: 8 Strategies for Raising Kids Who Love God, Respect Authority, and Value What’s Right


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My Key Takeaways:

What is discipling the heart of my child or grandchild? It can seem very slight, but when children are getting specific messages over and over, it becomes settled in their hearts. This can be related to body image, what various voices are telling our kids they should value, and more.

Many kids are losing resilience, personal connection, and the ability to communicate personally. When all communication is happening over texting or social media, children can lose the skill of connecting with the person who is actually in front of them. If they don’t practice these real-world skills, it can lead to fear, anxiety, and a general lack of people skills and manners when they are put in situations that require them.

We have to intentionally model balanced living. I love Arlene’s question: Where are our eyes going? When our children are looking at us, do we notice or are we looking at our own devices? We have to be aware of how present we personally are, and how we’re showing value to our family.

About Arlene:

Arlene Pellicane is a speaker, host of the Happy Home podcast, and author of several books including Parents Rising, 31 Days to a Happy Husband and Screen Kids. Arlene has been featured on the Today Show, Fox & Friends, the Wall Street Journal and Focus on the Family. Arlene lives in San Diego with her husband James and their three children. To learn more, visit www.ArlenePellicane.com



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