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We see the term “female empowerment” throughout mainstream media and it is referenced often in our culture today. This could be defined as believing in yourself or looking within to find the power to succeed.

But what happens when we grow weary by trying to do it all in our own power? What happens when we come to the end of ourselves? Jesus offers a better way. In this episode, we are talking about being empowered by Christ.

My guest, Becky Beresford, used to believe and even promoted some of society’s lies to women. But in God’s kindness, Becky came to the end of herself and embraced the healing truth found in the Bible. Tired and frustrated with self-dependence, Becky invites us to be God-dependent. In her latest book, She Believed HE Could, So She Did, Becky invites us to join her as she dismantles commonly held misconceptions and lies so we can live in real freedom with confidence in God.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to navigate life when you “just aren’t measuring up”
  • The importance of cultivating belief in God’s faithfulness
  • Well-intentioned phrases that don’t speak the truth
  • And so much more…

I believe you will be inspired by our conversation today!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) God should be our “plan A.” We can tend to use God as a sort of backup plan. He’s there to pick up the slack when we can’t do it all. However, we should be relying on God from the very start and trusting in His plan.

2) Cultivate a belief in God’s faithfulness. This may be hard to do when you first start out. We recommend writing out in a journal all the ways you have seen God be faithful in your life each day. As you begin to practice this habit, soon the number of things you can think of will start flowing. You can begin with simple things like waking up to another day, the sun shining in the sky, good food to eat, and more!

3) Be sure what you believe measures up to God’s truth. There are many well-intentioned phrases that seem good on the surface but aren’t actually in line with God’s Word. We need to test these and discern whether the message is centered on God’s truth.

About Becky:

Becky Beresford
is an author, speaker, and coach. She has a Master’s Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship from Moody Theological Seminary. She loves to encourage God’s daughters to embrace Christ-centered empowerment through the truth found in the Gospel. Becky lives in North Carolina with her husband and three sons.






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