Welcome to another bonus episode of the No More Perfect Podcast! We like to surprise you every once in a while with some quick and helpful podcast goodness, just for you. Thank you for being here!

In this episode, Mark and I discuss the powerful principle of “Pray, Don’t Say.” This phrase helps us slow down our reactions, be thoughtful about our responses, and seek God’s leadership in our relationships. We started using this phrase about the transition into the empty nest life, making the transition from sharing our opinions about our adult child’s life to holding back our thoughts unless we’re asked for them. However, this principle applies to all areas of life, including marriage, work, and other relationships.

This is a great principle to remind us to talk to Jesus before we talk to our spouse, our child, our coworker, etc. We hope this bonus episode is an encouragement to you this week!

Thank you for being part of the No More Perfect community!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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