Welcome to another bonus episode of the No More Perfect Podcast! We like to bring you some extra podcast goodness every once in a while that’s quick to listen to and helpful for your life. Just to say thank you!

In today’s episode, we’re talking about some really hard things Mark has been walking through recently. From multiple retinal detachments, an additional retinal tear, a mini-stroke, and poor eyesight due to multiple surgeries, it’s been a tough six weeks.

However, Mark 2.0 is handling this challenge in a much different way than Mark 1.0 would have handled it. Today we’re sharing a little peek into what we’ve been going through, and Mark is sharing 3 practical ways to stay steady when life gets hard.

Whatever you’re going through, we hope this is an encouragement and support to you this week. You truly are not alone!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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