121160279Over the past six months of my cancer journey, I’ve learned that a sense of humor is very important during the hard times.  Joy is an inside job and is not dependent upon our circumstances.

Looking back over this season, a few “funnies” come to mind that just might bring a smile to your face.

Mark and I were meeting some friends for lunch.  I was having a procedure at the cancer center before our lunch and didn’t want to wear my wig for the procedure so I put it in a sack to bring with me and change into for lunch.  As we were driving to the restaurant, I realized that I left the sack with my wig in it at home.  When we met our friends, I told them, “Pardon my appearance. I left my hair on the kitchen counter.”

Then on one of my first trips to the mall after I lost my hair, I went into a dressing room to try on some clothes. I took off my wig to try the clothes on, but needed a different size shirt. My mom was with me but not close enough for me to ask her to get a different size so I threw my clothes on–and forgot to put my wig back on—and headed out to get the right size. I got several funny looks and then realized that I’d gone into the fitting room with hair and came out without hair.  I wish I had thought fast enough to say, “You don’t want to go into that dressing room! You’ll lose your hair!”

One day I snapped this picture.  You know, not everyone can carry their hair around in their purse.


What about you? When have you found humor to be helpful during a hard season? 

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