How do you respond when someone else’s choices wreak havoc on your life?

Sometimes, someone else’s choices can turn the lives of those closest to them upside down. I’ve certainly experienced that in my own life, and yet, even in the most unfair circumstances, God wastes nothing.

Today, my friend Cathy Applington is joining me to help us better understand how hope can be restored even when relationships can’t. In 2013, Cathy’s world was shaken to the core as her husband’s actions caused life-changing consequences for her and her family. Cathy was a pastor’s wife here in Normal, IL, and today she works with Sanctuary in Trauma, a ministry for women who have suffered from trauma and loss.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • A passage in Scripture that held Cathy steady when her world was falling apart
  • Allowing family members space to heal from trauma in their own way
  • How Cathy’s journey led to the creation of Sanctuary in Trauma
  • And more!

I know you’ll appreciate Cathy’s wisdom as much as I do!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Asking “why” is a natural response to trauma and crisis, but it’s not the most helpful question. Asking the Lord, “What now?” instead of “Why?” puts us in a position for healing and growth. The Bible story of Joseph shows us an individual in a terribly unfair situation who continued to seek the Lord and trust in an unseen purpose. God’s redemptive plan is often (very!) different than what we envisioned, but He is always faithful in guiding us each step towards what He knows is best for us.

2) Restoration doesn’t mean everything goes back to “normal.” When the devastation of trauma occurs, everything will change. However, the hope-filled truth is that God can make all things new! Trauma doesn’t go away because a certain timeframe has passed; we may make peace in our own journey, but others close to us may not. Reconciliation doesn’t necessarily mean a relationship will be what it was before. It’s important to surrender our hopes and dreams and trust God to sustain us in the current reality.

3) We’re not alone in our suffering. Christ suffers with us and is deeply acquainted with the suffering we endure. He experienced betrayal, physical pain, and emotional turmoil. There is great peace when we lean into Scripture, especially because the Bible is filled with stories of brokenness. We see Jesus entering into people’s suffering, and we can do the same when we simply sit with someone and acknowledge their pain.

About Cathy:

Cathy Applington is the co-founder of Sanctuary in Trauma, a gospel-centered community with various life experiences desiring to help women who have suffered trauma and loss. Cathy grew up in a Christian home and witnessed her parents’ transformative service on the mission field. Realizing her personal need for a Savior in her early 20s, she shifted from insecurity to reliance on God. Serving as a Pastor’s wife and mom brought her immense joy until unexpected changes occurred. Through her journey of mourning, Cathy finds hope and emphasizes the truth that nothing is wasted in God’s economy.





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